Liebes Tagebuch...

My life is so boring....

My day:

My watch rang at half past six in the morning and crashed all my dreams... argh... I hate going to school, especially when I have to write an examination, like today... It's senseless... Only a free hour after my biology lesson kept me alive. v.v

But in the afternoon I'll go in a dancing school with Jasmin... We both wanna learn how to dance the standard ones. The only reason not to commit suicide xD ...

I'm hungry, thirsty and also tired. Everything is boring and sucks.


Well.... Now I have to learn Pädagogik, because of a classtest in a few days. But all in all I think that it will be easy, because I totally love it next to art. Art is still my favorite lesson in my sucking schoolweek.

Well, bye and enjoy reading this totally sucking article.

I love him but he is totally wrong written, but that doesn't interest me any longer ^^


3.5.07 14:50

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kathy (4.5.07 16:14)
...sounds really depressed, but
your English isn´t that bad, especially compared to
some English teacher *cough*
well, you´ve to look a little bit more positive at your life :
you´ve got a nice family, a funny dog, COOL FRIENDS, and, anyway, there are no more than 2 years to be free from all the examenations, learning and teachers, who doesn´t know what they are doing,..
so, just hang on! ^^°
ok, my English isn´t that good as well,
but I thought you really have to be depressed, when you write an entry after so long time in the language you hate most of all: English...
oki doki...
yours sincerly
kathrina XD

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